Company News

  • ​PINMED actively implements anti-epidemic measures such as the reserve of epidemic prevention materials.


  • ​We will continue to serve customers with superior quality, reasonable price and first-class delivery speed.


  • ​PINMED listen to our customer’s needs and meets their requirements, continuously improve team service ability, add product categories, even provide our customers with all-round services such as registration, quality inspection, logistics, marketing and so on.


  • Our team have more than 15 years experience in these fields. Our goal is bring our clients bettter and stable quality of products to meet our customer more safety and more reliable demands.


  • Tomb Sweeping Festival is an important cultural holiday in China and parts of Southeast Asia, and it carries deep significance for many people of Chinese descent around the world.


  • ​Full completed documents and certificates for registration. Most of our products are proved by ISO,CE,FSC and so on.


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