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  • Adjustable armrest height, adjustable foot pedal height, suitable for different types of users.


  • ​Today is Xiaoman,which is the 10th solar term of the year and falls on approximately June 6th or 7th in the Gregorian calendar.


  • Some of the ingredients in red wine may be beneficial for vascular health, but drinking in moderation is key. At the same time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also important for maintaining blood vessel health.


  • Carrot puree, pumpkin puree, etc., rich in vitamins and minerals, help the baby's vision development and skin health. When making, the vegetables need to be boiled and mashed into a puree, and the right amount of feeding.


  • ​Stomach tubes are used in special cases to help patients who cannot swallow to deliver necessary water and food.


  • The mouth is an environment full of microbes, and when food debris gets lodged on the surface of the teeth or between the teeth, bacteria multiply rapidly and form plaque.


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