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What are the early symptoms of high blood pressure

The early symptoms of hypertension mainly include the following aspects:
First, dizziness, dizziness is a common symptom of high blood pressure, some are transient, often appear when suddenly squatting or standing up, some are persistent, dizziness is the main pain of the patient, and the head has persistent The dull and uncomfortable feeling seriously hinders normal thinking and work, and loses interest in surrounding things. If there is a hypertensive crisis or insufficient blood supply to the vertebral arteries, symptoms similar to inner ear vertigo can occur.
Second, headache is also a common symptom of high blood pressure. It is persistent dull pain, or pulsation pain or even burst-like severe pain. It often occurs when waking up in the morning, and the pain is gradually relieved after getting up and after a meal. Most of the parts are on the temples on both sides of the forehead and the back of the head.

Third, the memory loss caused by inattention is not obvious in the early stage, and gradually worsens with the development of the disease, so it will become a more troublesome thing for the patient, which will cause the patient to be distracted and memory loss.