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The advantages and disadvantages of PE shoe covers are revealed

PE shoe covers are one of the most common disposable plastic shoe covers in our daily lives. Today I will share with you why it is so popular!
PE is also known as (polyethylene). The main characteristic of PE shoe covers is good water and moisture resistance, but poor gas and organic vapor resistance. It has good chemical stability and does not work with ordinary acids at room temperature. But the oil resistance is slightly worse, it has a certain degree of mechanical tensile and tear resistance, good flexibility, high resistance to low resistance, and can adapt to the freezing process of food, but it has poor resistance to high resistance. Generally can not be used for high-temperature sterilization food packaging, gloss, transparency is not high. Printing performance is poor, used as an outer packaging needs to be corona treatment and surface chemical treatment to improve the general printing performance. Convenient processing and molding, flexible and diverse products, and good heat sealing performance. PE resin itself is non-toxic and has very few additives, so it is considered a safe packaging material.
Features of PE shoe cover:
1. PE is a saturated rubber, which has the characteristics of good toughness, wear resistance and softness.
2. PE is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals and PAHS, and its products fully comply with environmental protection requirements.
3. PE has high filling performance and can be manufactured to meet various performance requirements.

4. PE has good processing performance, Mooney viscosity (ML121 1+4) has a variety of grades between 50-100 to choose from.