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  • Pollen, cat and dog hair and dander, dust, and etc., is the part of the most common causes of urticaria in the allergy department.


  • We are a high-tech company with R&D, production and sales.We have very advanced technical department to do products design,new innovation and improve our quality day by day.


  • PINME blades come in different sizes and handle shapes to provide a comfortable grip and precise incisions.


  • Add a spoonful of table salt to warm water and stir well before gargling. This can reduce inflammation in the mouth and kill bacteria, thus reducing toothache.


  • The endotracheal tube introducer is an important medical tool that helps healthcare professionals place an endotracheal tube safely and effectively to secure a patient's breathing and oxygenation during intubation.


  • Always be cautious when self-medicating and follow your doctor's advice.