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  • There is only less than 4months to end this year.Our company issue the largest promotion of 5ml syringe,luer lock,with needles 21G 1 1/2”,blister bag to give our customers the greatest support below:


  • We are a high-tech company with R&D, production and sales, Pinmed suppy the Blood Pressure Monitor for you which has high quality.We have very advanced technical department to do products design,new innovation and improve our quality day by day. The engineer team with good education background in USA or in Germany. And we also have strictly quality control system.


  • There are many methods to detect HCG. At present, immunological methods are mainly used in clinical practice, such as monoclonal antibody colloidal gold test, ELISA method, electrochemiluminescence method, radioimmunoassay, pregnancy card method, latex agglutination inhibition test, hemagglutination inhibition test, etc. . The immunological method is simple, fast, and highly sensitive, and its detection methods are constantly updated, and it is developing in the direction of specificity, speed, simplicity, sensitivity, and popularity. Biological testing is the main method for early detection of HCG.


  • Household blood pressure meters are generally relatively simple to operate. Commonly used are wrist-type and arm-type. When measuring blood pressure, wrap the cuff or wristband around the arm or wrist. Press the switch of the blood pressure meter to generally read the blood pressure. Numerical value. It should be noted that when measuring blood pressure, the sphygmomanometer should be kept at the same level as the heart.


  • There are generally three types of household thermometers currently on the market: mercury thermometers, electronic thermometers, and infrared ear thermometers.


  • During the Covid-19,PINMED have launched some new products: the Medical Oxygen Generator and Fingertip pluse Oximeter, you can check more information through the below link.